I would like to kindly welcome you to "my-perspective" project. Every single picture has a story and more or less strong emotions in behind. I will try to mediate to you these stories and the emotions hidden in my pictures as good as I can. 

  • Evening in January

    Evening in January

    January is normally very cold in my country. This evening was no exception. Sun going slowly down, -15°C, completely clean sky, and nobody, but me, on the surface of completely frozen see. 

  • Frosty morning

    Frosty morning

    Picture "Frosty morning" is a "side product" while waiting in -16°C on the ice of of a frozen see for Common Otters (Lutra lutra). They did not come that morning, maybe they traveled for holiday :)

  • Mr. Brave

    Mr. Brave

    Mr. Brave was found more or less by mistake when walking in my favorite lowland meadow. And why did I call him “Mr. Brave”? Because he has never fled. He just took me in eye and stand in safe distance and, when necessary just walked or flown little bit.

  • Lost in fog

    Lost in fog

    Picture "Lost in fog" came up in a morning, where the original purpose was to create some wildlife photos. However, very heavy fog made this aim impossible. This tree lost in fog grew up as a solitaire in a meadow. Unfortunately, it broke dawn in 2016 during storm.

  • Cygnus olor (Mute Swan)

    Cygnus olor (Mute Swan)

    Birds living in swamps are usually moving early in the morning. A lot of flying birds, voices, colours.


 My name is Peter and I would like to thank you for visiting my webpage. We live in a rush time, where at least for some of us, the living space is restricted to the office, car, house, shopping centre and city. The aim of this project is to mediate to all of you emotions that are waiting for us „outside“ of our homes, offices, cars and cities. 

Enjoy the emotions delivered to you by „my-perspective“.

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