MY-PERSPECTIVE | all depends on the point of view


Dragonflies are so far known as the fastest flying insects. They are unbelievably movable, every single move is almost unpredictable. It s a big challenge to catch them with the camera while flying.

Pictures were taken with Nikon D500, and with Nikon 70-200mm lens.


My name is Peter and I am photographer of nature in every extent. I live partly in Czech republic and partly in Slovak republic and from these two countries do come most part of photos published here.
We live in a rush time, where at least for some of us, the living space is restricted to the office, car, house, shopping centre and city. The aim of this project is to mediate to all of you emotions that are waiting for us „outside“ of our homes, offices, cars and cities.
Enjoy the emotions delivered to you by „my-perspective“.

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